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Hoppin' HitFest Rules

Format:  75 minutes, finish the inning. Pool play games may end in a tie.  Seeding by W/L record, runs against, run differential, coin flip (in that order).  Bracket games will go to the international tie breaker if tied after time expires and the inning is complete.  

Rules: Notations and Exceptions:

  1. Game time is forfeit time.  Teams should be ready to play 15 minutes ahead of scheduled game time.

  2. USA softball rules and regulations (will download .pdf) 

    1. Line-up Cards should list first initial, last name, number and position (esp. P, C, DP, EP and flex)

    2. Players should have visible numbers on the back of their jersey.

    3. Run rule: 12 after 3, 10 after 4, 8 after 5

    4. For the first 2 innings, there will be a 5 run limit. Top of the 3rd inning begins with unlimited runs.

  3. Teams may use the following lineup options:

    1. Bat nine

    2. Bat nine with DP/Flex

      1. DP will bat in place of a defensive player (flex). Both positions need to be listed on the lineup card, with flex written directly below batting lineup

    3. Bat up to 11 with extra players (EP) with or without the DP/Flex option.

      1. Up to 2 additional hitters may be used that do not play in the field and must be designated EP on the lineup

    4. Bat entire roster

  4. 10u notes:​​​

    1. No infield fly rule.

    2. No advancement on dropped 3rd strike.​

    3. Stealing home is not allowed.

  5. Courtesy runner for pitcher or catcher will be last completed out if there are no unused subs available from the bench.

  6. When batting more than 9 and having no subs available, if an injured player cannot continue the lineup will be compressed and no out will be charged for that lineup spot.  When batting nine defensive players or nine with DP/flex, the injured player must be replaced from the bench or an out will be charged when that spot in the order comes up.

  7. Finally, we expect good sportsmanship and fair competition from all teams.  Any coach ejected by an umpire from a game, must be approved by the tournament director before being allowed to return to coaching in subsequent games.  Any player ejected will sit the next game.

  8. These rules shall apply for both Saturday and Sunday.

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